An incredible story about a giant pear

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Do you want to plunge into a whirlpool of incredibly exciting adventures? Then let's get acquainted with the extremely interesting book "The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear" by Jacob Martin Strid. This is not just a story about heroes and their deeds, but a real kaleidoscope of fantastic journeys that draws you into a fun and bright world.
The plot of the book "The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear" tells about two friends Mitcho and Sebastian. One sunny day, they receive a completely unexpected letter from the missing burgomaster of their town of the City of the Sun, which, although small, is very cute. Together with the letter, the friends find a mysterious seed, which they decide to plant. And - oh wonder! Overnight, a giant pear sprouts from a seed! It is on it that Mitcho and Sebastian decide to go in search of their ruler and ... it is from this moment that the real adventures begin! What awaits friends during the trip and what acquaintances will surprise them? Learn from the book.

The sunny and colorful book "The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear" was written by Jacob Martin Strid, who independently created simply incredible illustrations and funny, as well as cute characters. It is worth remembering that such books are read only with pleasure!

In a huge variety of books, teachers together with psychologists advise choosing not only modern works, but also classic ones children's tales, because they are interesting and useful. Children perceive reading fairy tales as a form of entertainment, and if the child asks you to read him a fairy tale - do not deny him this. Fairy tales for small children unobtrusively and simply talk about what is good and what is bad, what friendship and nobility are, teach communication and human interaction.

The benefit of fairy tales

The possibilities of a fairy tale are endless. It shows many models of behavior in life, conveys important experience that the child has not yet had time to accumulate. Children's fairy tales for babies able to capture the baby's attention, enrich his inner world, help him understand himself. Their benefits are as follows:

  • vocabulary expansion and memory training;
  • development of fantasy, imagination and logic;
  • formation of a worldview and expansion of horizons;
  • the ability to adapt to real life;
  • help in compensating the lack of emotions and in relaxation.

To the best fairy tales for children "The Incredible Story of a Giant Pear" by the Dane Jacob Martin Strid entered. The book teaches friendship, ingenuity and optimism, instills a love of reading from an early age.

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If you want to raise your child properly, teach him to read fairy tales. They teach, instruct, without imposing, without scolding, without condemning and without demanding. The website offers the opportunity to order "The incredible story about the giant pear". Fairy tales for children with pictures - these are colorful publications with bright and interesting illustrations on almost every page. Your heir will definitely like such a gift. And in order not to torment him with waiting, order a fairy tale right now at an attractive price!

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Customer Reviews

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Veronika Lukianchuk (Bramming, South Denmark, Denmark)
Сервіс на високу рівні

Отримала книжки в яскравій палітурці. Дитині сподобалась історія , читаємо декілька разів.

Tetiana Korkhut

Велика книга , з цупкими паперовими сторінками , купа ілюстрації. Цікава історія. Синові 4 роки і йому сподобалось . Читаємо перечитуємо постійно . Доставка швидка . Вже замовила ще книжок. Ви моє спасіння , дякую!

Kateryna Kuchma (Duisburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

Неймовірна історія про велет-грушку

Zoia Dekina (Dubendorf, Zurich, Switzerland)
Прекрасна казка!

Дуже цікава і захоплива історія!

Олена Л. (Ludwigsburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Захоплива історія

Захоплива історія з дуже цікавими, нестандартними і багатими на деталі малюнками.

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An incredible story about a giant pear

An incredible story about a giant pear